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Our sessions are between $140 - $250

We accept the insurances listed below as well as most out of network insurers. Schedule a free call and we will get you started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request an appointment with Star Pathways?

Our mental wellness team is available to support your needs. Just click or call 866-975-7469 or .

If I meet with a psychiatric specialist, will I have to take medication?

No. The purpose of a psychiatric evaluation is to closely assess all the factors that may be contributing to the difficulty you are experiencing. Once an assessment has been conducted, our specialist will develop a treatment plan to adhere to your needs. Medication may not be necessary to achieve the agreed upon therapeutic goals. At Star Pathways, our team works collaboratively with clients. We listen to their concerns and questions, to agree upon treatment goals.

What information should I have when scheduling my first appointment?

Things to have when you schedule your first appointment include:

1. Reason for your call
2. Previous diagnosis if any
3. Medications
4. Contact information
5. Insurance Card information

Do you accept insurance & what if I don't have any?

Yes! We are in network with multiple insurance providers. Our specialist will complete benefits investigation to determine your coverage. We also encourage you to contact your insurance personally to understand your therapeutic coverage benefits. We also provide client friendly cash pay options as well. We will discuss a plan as we move forward with services. Please visit our insurance and rates page

What mental healthcare services are offered through tele-psychiatry?

All of the services that an on-site psychiatrist would provide are offered through tele-psychiatry and virtual therapy. This includes administering comprehensive intake assessments, psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapy and medication management.

How soon do I need to cancel the appointment to avoid cancellation fee?

24 hours before your scheduled session.